Disappointed at Attending Divorce Divorce Hearing, There Has Been No Clear Decision


Filesatu.co.id, Denpasar – Bali | Respondent Juli Artiningsih returned to attend the hearing regarding the Divorce and Divorce Case at the Denpasar Religious Court, Jalan Cokroaminoto Gang Katalia I Denpasar, Tuesday, (2/3/2024)

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Unmitigated, Juli Artiningsih felt disappointed because she had to give up her job because of an invitation to attend the Divorce Divorce Trial, which turned out to be fruitless.

Previously, the initial divorce divorce trial was held on Thursday, 7/3/2024. Furthermore, the trial was held again, Tuesday, 2/4/2024 which turned out to be postponed again until after Eid, on 28/4/2024.

In fact, the Petitioner as Plaintiff, Justin William Hughes bin Rex Clark Hughes, who still has the status of her husband, was actually absent and did not attend the divorce divorce case hearing.

“I myself am also disappointed and also do not accept it, because it is important that I continue to be present, but the Petitioner is not present,” he stressed.

Not only that, Juli Artiningsih was even willing if Justin wanted to marry again. However, he was certain to give permission, but in a good manner.

However, strangely, in the invitation to the divorce lawsuit, Juli Artiningsih was accused of using illegal drugs and also living lavishly. Juli Artiningsih immediately denied this.

“So, everything that is done there must have proof. They say it’s a spree, where does that come from? In fact, I’ve been married for 10 years, I don’t even have a house. It’s not that I don’t accept it, but I’m actually obedient, the meaning is what it is,” he explained. .

If you check the invitation, it is listed in the name of Justin William Hughes, whose address is Jalan Majapahit Gang Ratna Number 5. However, Juli Artiningsih admitted that he did not know the place, but there the number was also listed as Justin William Hughes and immediately saved it.

She admitted that her husband’s name was Justo,Strangely, underneath it says it is stored by Melon.

“Initially there was a photo of a woman, but now there isn’t one. So, I’m suspicious of whose name Melon is. It seems like the person has already called me, but for the things in it there is the name Melda Armis Tampubolon,” he explained.

“It’s very clear, it’s on Facebook too, Melda Armis Tampubolon, I saw videos of her cheating on my husband. In fact, I heard her voice the most,” he added.

However, Juli Artiningsih left it entirely up to lawyers, police or investigators to follow up on complaints that had already been made.

Therefore, Juli Artiningsih hopes that women’s defenders will also listen to the complaints they are experiencing.

“So, I’m sorry I can’t work, if the event continues to be postponed and there are no good decisions for women like me,” she concluded. (Benthar)

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