A woman from Malang City is the only sail stitcher on Serangan Island, Bali


Filesatu.co.id, Denpasar – Bali | A woman from Malang, East Java, became a sail tailor on the Island of the Gods, precisely on the island of Bali, named Juli Artiningsih, who began to make her name known as the only woman in Bali, who was involved and involved in the world of sewing sewing sails for ships in Indonesia, especially Bali. for 20 years.

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When we docked in Bali, we found many complaints from foreign guests who owned ships, that Indonesia did not yet have a reliable sea ship sail tailor, making a woman at the forefront when it came to sewing sea ship sails.


“I have been involved in the sea for the past 20 years. I felt insulted by guests from abroad who chatted that Indonesia did not have sail tailors. There I took the opportunity, to look for opportunities, that this had golden potential,” said Juli Artiningsih as a sailmaker on sea vessels on Serangan Island, Denpasar City, Bali, as confirmed by media crew, Saturday, March 30 2024.


Even though he is a sailmaker, his extraordinary potential in the maritime sector needs to be developed. Remember, 20 years ago, Juli Artiningsih made her mark as the first woman who was able to sew and make sails for ships, especially Pinisi ships, in Indonesia, especially Bali.


“The Wouw ship is a ship, its name is Wouw so it happens to be one of the three largest ships in Indonesia, especially Bali. So, I found a golden opportunity for work that has potential in Indonesia,” said Juli Artiningsih.


Considering the enormous potential in the maritime world, Juli Artiningsih began to learn how to make and repair ship sails.


“Before the guests said that Indonesia doesn’t have sail tailors, I had studied at Sail Maker about how sail tailors work. Incidentally, I couldn’t speak English, I learned there were pictures there. That was for 7 years, I studied that. So, “In total, around 27 years ago now, I have studied the techniques of making and repairing sails for ships,” he said.


After 27 years, Juli Artiningsih ventured to work on a ship to repair damaged sails and awnings or ship engine covers.


“After a year when I was a sail stitcher on a ship, I just felt like I had found the words, how come there are no sail tailors, they are having trouble, if there is any damage,” he explained.


Until the Rising Boat or Sea Boat race from Australia to Singapore, of course they stopped and docked in Indonesia, especially Bali for a maximum of two weeks.


“So, if there is damage, we have to act quickly. Basically, the maximum they dock here is two weeks. So, we have to be able to work on or serve them, the Marine Ship Sailing service, yes, 3 days, a day to a week and a maximum of two weeks,” said July Artiningsih.


Regarding the repair of ship sails, Juli Artiningsih admitted that the business of repairing ship sails had received more than 200 ships when the business opened, for three years. Unmitigated, up to now, he said that thousands of ship sails have been repaired through his cold hands.


Regarding countries where ship sails have been repaired, Juli Artiningsih mentioned Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Greece and also other countries, including from Jelang to Africa.


“There is no doubt about Australia, because they have a lot of owners from Australia, almost all of them are interested in owning ships and many other countries have also stopped in Indonesia, especially Bali, which is related to the work I have,” he added.


However, until now, Juli Artiningsih feels that there has been no significant assistance for her work as a screen seamstress.


“Even though it’s just ordinary, I feel proud to be able to think for Indonesia in the maritime sector, especially sail sewing,” he explained.


Therefore, Juli Artiningsih hopes that Indonesia can have land to produce marine sails. Not only that, it is also hoped that there will be a regeneration of young Indonesian millennials who will also be interested in learning to make sails for ships from Sabang to Merauke.


“That’s why I have survived until this moment. I am grateful to God for giving me the gift of intelligence that other people rarely have. There I feel proud and grateful for the gift that God has given,” he concluded. (Benthar)

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