Defendant Juli Artiningsih’s Trial Presented Four Witnesses,  Denpasar – Bali | This time, Defendant Juli Artiningsih’s trial presented four witnesses who could provide the most detailed information. Presented four key witnesses, Indra Triantoro was optimistic that the panel of professional judges would grant past income, divorce lawsuit hearing at the Denpasar Religious Court, Jalan Cokroaminoto Gang Katalia 1 Denpasar, Thursday 4/7/2024.

Meanwhile, Justin William Hughes bin Rex Clark Hughes acted as the Petitioner or Plaintiff, in the divorce divorce case trial.

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Respondent’s Attorney, DR. (c) Indra Triantoro, S.H., M.H., from Elice Law Firm said that his party presented four witnesses, who knew that the Respondent/Defendant Jul Artiningsih was not supported by the Plaintiff/Applicant Justin William Hughes bin Rex Clark Hughes, during Covid-19, post-Covid -19 till now.

“The witnesses also know firsthand that every month before Covid-19 they were given a living of IDR 40 million per month,” said Indra Triantoro.

After Covid-19, Indra Triantoro emphasized that the Defendant Juli Artiningsih’s condition has been experiencing financial difficulties until now.

“Defendant Juli Artiningsih’s condition is financially difficult. Meanwhile, her husband is still married, not yet divorced,” he explained.

Therefore, the next trial agenda is the Conclusion, on July 11 2024 until the Judges’ Decision, on July 25 2024.

“We, as Legal Counsel for Defendant Jul Artiningsih, are optimistic that the Panel of Judges will be professional, to make a decision in providing the fairest possible decision, namely giving Iddah, Mut’ah and Madhiyah support,” he stressed.

Apart from Iddah, Mut’ah and Madhiyah support, he continued, Past Income must also be provided, during post-Covid-19.

“There is IDR 40 million multiplied over 2 years and 4 months which must be given to Mrs. Juli Artiningsih as the Defendant,” he explained.

Meanwhile, it was stated that Iddah, Mut’ah and Madhiyah support as well as post-divorce support should also be given to Defendant Juli Artiningsih.

“Therefore, we ask the Panel of Judges that we seek justice from the Defendant’s representation, requesting that it be heard and granted,” he stressed.

Not only that, Indra Triantoro said that the witnesses were very strong in presenting facts that directly knew the condition of Defendant Juli Artiningsih until after Covid-19, after being left by Petitioner Justin William Hughes bin Rex Clark Hughes.

“The Petitioner Justin and the Respondent Juli Artiningsih had a good economy before Covid-19. However, after being left by the Petitioner Justin, there were indications that there was an affair and legal action was taken by the Respondent Juli Artiningsih, when reporting to the Bali Regional Police regarding domestic violence. After that, the Plaintiff Justin disappeared from home, ran away and even now doesn’t provide a living,” he said.

For this reason, his party only focuses on divorce and past income which was not provided for 2 years and 4 months. If the divorce process is granted, then Iddah Mut’ah and Madhiyah support should also be given.

“Later, this will only be Volume I. Jia will be granted, after that, then Volume II, by looking for legal facts related to assets, which are joint assets obtained during marriage, we will file a lawsuit, then against Justin, which is an asset, which bought after the wedding should be divided in half,” he concluded.

Report  : Benthar

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